Send bitcoins to Facebook friends with QuickCoin

Ever since Facebook applied for a banking license in Ireland, the world has been puzzling what the mother of all social networks was up to with it. Will Facebook become Facebank? Will there be a Facecoin? What is certain is that when the world’s largest social network integrates money transfers, it will be a big deal. In order to bring bitcoins into play, changetip has already announced that it will soon be processing tips via Facebook. But now a startup from California has anticipated the social network and Changetip: The online wallet QuickCoin Social Wallet was presented yesterday. It’s easy to use, looks good and makes it possible to send Bitcoins to Facebook friends.

There are no unknown developers behind the online wallet: Nathan Lands and Marshall Hayner already have Bitcoin -Fair, and Jackson Palmer is known in the crypto scene as the former Adobe product designer who achieved a surprisingly big hit with Dogecoin. The online wallet published yesterday stands out from other online wallets in several ways: It has a refreshingly simple but elegant design, it shows the amount in bits by default and, in brackets, in dollars. The user has to log in with his Facebook account, which means that QuickCoin docks on the digital interface of the social network (the API) and calls up the friends list. So the wallet is not anonymous. You can then send Bitcoins either to an address or directly to Facebook friends.They do not need their own wallet to receive Bitcoins, but are invited by QuickCoin to also log in with their Facebook account.

Simply sending Bitcoins to Facebook friends could bring about a similar change as the term Web 2.0 describes it: Away from the nerdy, cumbersome Internet to a light, fresh and social network. For example, a mother whose daughter is studying in the USA could now quickly transfer money for a pizza to him. Or groups of friends can collect donations via Facebook. And so on. The big keyword is “simplicity”. Not everyone is still consciously versed in the world of cryptocurrency, for this news portals have been created, for example, here you can read in more detail.

According to the developers, there are plans to further improve the software, connect it to other social networks and some “amazing” partnerships. In itself a well-rounded affair, and if there are no data protection concerns in the way, the developers have a good chance of achieving their goal: “Bring Bitcoin to everyone!”. Trying it out is worth it.

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