5 Tips for an Easy to Maintain Bathroom

If you are a busy person or are not fond of spending a lot of time cleaning, a low-maintenance bathroom is for you. Whether you are having a new bathroom built or remodelling an existing one, there are things that you can do to make it hassle-free to maintain. Here are some things to consider to help you achieve that.

Go for a minimalist look

The less you have, the lower maintenance it will be. Go for the basics only to have what you need without spending a lot of time cleaning. You can still make your bathroom look stylish in a minimal way. Pick the things you will put there carefully so that even they are few, they are top-quality.

Choose a freestanding bath

A bathtub is an excellent addition to the bathroom, especially if you love long baths to relax your mind and body. Since a fixed bathtub is more challenging to clean, choose a freestanding bath. It’s not fixed on the wall, so you can easily clean all areas. A walk in bath is also easy to maintain. Because it has a door where you can get in, it allows convenient access for cleaning. It will be easier to reach every inch of it. There are also walk-in bathtubs with self-cleaning features, such as killing bacteria, viruses, and moulds.

Get a frameless walk-in shower

You can either go for a shower only or have a combination of both the bathtub and shower. A shower enclosure is something to add to prevent water from splashing all over the bathroom. If you have a shower and you don’t have a partition, you need to wipe the floor and walls to keep them dry. You don’t want to have that if you are looking for an easy to maintain bathroom. There are different shower enclosures, but choose a frameless walk-in shower for a simple and modern vibe. Since it has fewer parts, it is also easier to clean.

Use larger tiles

Bigger tiles will require lesser grout. Apply the grout in the spaces in between the tiles. Since you will have fewer gaps because of the size of your tiles, it will also require lesser maintenance. Invest in grout that comes with a built-in sealer. These products are dirt and mildew resistant, making them convenient if you want minimal upkeep of your bathroom. There is no need to frequently reseal them, which may be the case on regular grouts.

Consider a quartz countertop

Quartz countertops are made of various waste materials, such as mirrors, silica, ceramic, natural stone, marble, granite, and binder that could be cement-based or polymeric. These countertop materials look like natural stone without the high price. They are also a green option since they use waste materials. Moreover, they are easier to maintain compared to their natural stone counterparts. Wiping is usually enough to keep them clean.

Achieving a bathroom that is easy to maintain is possible with the tips provided. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice the style over cleaning convenience since you can pick stylish and easy to keep bathroom products.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/modern-minimalist-bathroom-bath-3115450/

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