Yorkshire’s Most Haunted: 3 of the spookiest places in and around Harrogate 

With its famously turbulent and bloody history, Yorkshire is regarded as one of the UK’s hot spots for paranormal activity. Indeed, York itself is listed by the International Ghost Research Foundation as Europe’s most haunted city. I mean it is hardly surprising that the odd vengeful entity is lurking around a city whose history includes Viking invasions, Norman conquests, and civil war. So, once you’ve found your perfect accommodation in Harrogate, we suggest you have a read of our three most haunted nearby locations for the ultimate ghost tour!

  • Harrogate Theatre

As loyal patrons eagerly await the re-opening of the distinguished Harrogate Theatre this summer, fans of the supernatural are wondering if one guest in particular will make an appearance – Alice the Ghost. Mystery over who Alice may have been continues to intrigue theatregoers. Some say she was the victim of a terrible love affair while others claim she is the vengeful spirit of an actress whose roles kept getting smaller and smaller. While sightings of Alice have been reported frequently since the theatre’s opening in 1900, Harrogate’s Paranormal Society was unable to bring this elusive spirit out from the shadows. However, perhaps Alice will be as excited as the theatre’s loyal fanbase about its grand re-opening and surprise us all with a visit!

  • 30 East Drive

Now from the outside this 3-bed semi-detached house in Pontefract may not scream evil spirit, however 30 East Drive is said to be home to one of Europe’s most violent poltergeists. Known affectionately as ‘Fred’ or more notoriously as ‘The Black Monk’, this sinister entity has racked up hundreds of encounters. From foul smells, green foam, creepy voices, shadowy ‘monk-like’ figures, and even physical attacks; Fred has made his presence known over the past 50 years. Most Haunted fans may recall Yvette Fielding treating a terrified Paul O’Grady to a late-night tour of the sinister residence, while horror movie fans may recognise it from 2012’s ‘When The Lights Went Out’. Indeed, so convinced of Fred’s existence is the movie’s director that he purchased the property and has made it available for the public to visit if they dare.

  • Fountains Abbey and the Chapel of Nine Altars

Located only a short half an hour drive from Harrogate, Fountains Abbey is a must-visit for any history buff. Being one of the largest and best-preserved ruined Cistercian monasteries in England, the site became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. However, the site is also a haven for lovers of the paranormal. Fountains Abbey is said to be haunted by the blue ghost of Sir Stephen Procter’s daughter, who witnessed evil wrongdoings in the hall and is destined to languish there for eternity. Not only that but the haunting chanting of a ghostly choir can be heard in the nearby Chapel of Nine Altars.

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