What Are The Drawn out Impacts Of Smoking On Your Health?

Giving up smoking has always been very difficult, that’s how the cigarette companies want it to be. They know nicotine is an extremely addictive substance that chains you to the smoking habit until you decide enough is enough, unfortunately for most smokers that decision never comes and they suffer the long term effects of smoking. Maybe it’s time for you to be different and think of you and your family’s future health and quit.

There is really only one reason to consider quitting smoking and that’s your short term and long term health. The long term effects of smoking are devastating, in some cases this will also include the health of other family members, due to secondhand smoke. If smoking were harmless, then some people might find it just a harmless habit, and it would generally be accepted as ok. The problem is, the facts regarding the long term effects of smoking are quit alarming, it’s become a major personal health issue as well as a community health issue.

The long term effects of smoking can steal a lot of years from your life. You may not be aware that there are large numbers of smokers that die in their forties from long term smoking related diseases. It may not be totally related to smoking in some cases, but if you already have an illness or the start of one, you can guarantee that smoking will aggravate it and make it a lot worse over a shorter period of time. In many cases, over time, smoking can take a very controllable early stage illness to the point where it becomes fatal. So it’s very true that the long term effects of smoking can take you from a picture of health to a coffin. Some may say we all have to die sometime, and that’s true, but years of misery before you die are not what most people wish for or want. But unfortunately, if you smoke that’s most likely what you will get.

Don’t be part of this self-destruction that has the world hospitals overflowing:

Have you ever wondered what are the long term effects of smoking, listed below are the more common long term effects.

Heart Disease


Vascular Disease

Lung Disease (Emphysema)

Lung Cancer

Mouth Cancer

Throat Cancer

All the above smoking problems can also be passed on to other family members if they are subjected to your secondhand smoke. So if you decide to continue to smoke, that’s your choice, but be aware that the long term effects of your smoking could also be having a bad effect on the health of your loved ones. If you get sick or die young the effect that your loss can have on those that remain can be devastating. So when a smoker quits they are not just doing themselves a huge favor but also making a very smart decision for the whole family.

Take the first steps today to secure you and your family a healthy life and future.


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