Three tips to quit smoking

Have you got plans to quit smoking? Good for you! Although this is not an easy step, it’s good you’ve made the decision. It’s a bad habit, and that’s something that has been known for quite some time now. But since it is also very addictive, still loads of people are smoking. The addiction makes that it feels uncomfortable in the beginning when you’re deprived from your daily nicotine rush. In this blog we will give you solid advise to help you quit. Hopefully it will inspire you! 

  1. Stop the habit

Smoking is extremely addictive: if you smoke for a while your body will get used to it and you will feel like you actually need it. This makes that it becomes a habit and will soon be part of your daily routine. A cigarette as soon as you wake up, a cigarette after breakfast, a cigarette while you’re drinking coffee, and so on. For this you’ll need a replacement, a new, healthy habit. Dive straight into the shower after you’ve woken up, go for a walk after your coffee, instead of smoking a cigarette and find yourself more alternatives. This get’s easier if you do it together with someone else who’s quitting, or just something who can help.

  1. Reward yourself

Smoking is not just unhealthy, it’s also very expensive. A good way to encourage yourself is to reward yourself for your good behavior. The money you save from cigarettes can be used to buy something else. You can also save up the money and go for a nice weekend trip, new clothes, a new car or maybe a fancy restaurant. Be strict with yourself and set boundaries: smoking a cigarette is a mistake and doesn’t deserve any reward.

  1. The e-cigarette

Because it’s such a habit and part of your routine it is very difficult to quit right away. So to smooth into quitting, lots of people first switch to e cigarettes. These electronic vapers can also hold nicotine, but you can easily switch to e-liquids with less nicotine, so you can downgrade to no nicotine step by step, without losing the habit.

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