How does your dog have fun?

It’s one of those days when you’ve gone out with your dog to have fun in the park. You throw his favourite toy, and he runs after it to fetch it. People may think it looks like a fun activity, but how does your dog see it? Products like dog puzzle toys aim to awaken your dog’s instinct to seek and explore by following various scents. Typically, these toys offer your dog a snack as a reward once they have successfully solved the puzzle. Even if you think your dog is just having fun with dog food puzzle toys, it is much more than that since it is all about getting a reward at any cost. The first few times your dog tries one of these toys, he will look for different ways to get to the smell that catches his attention. Once he learns how to get to that scent, it won’t take him long to solve the puzzle.

Understand your dog’s instinct

Dogs are intelligent animals that can relate certain words or sounds to a specific activity. For example, if you tap your dog’s food bowl before feeding it, your canine will get excited when it hears that sound because it associates it with food. Dog training uses this same principle for dogs to detect drugs or other dangerous materials. For example, a particular smell in the puzzle tells him that when he locates it, he must sit to get the reward. The dog will then track the scent, for which he knows he will receive a prize. When the dog encounters that scent, he will sit, and his trainer will reward him by giving the dog a treat for his hard work. That way, when you play with your dog, you stimulate his instinct making him decide to fetch the ball to get a reward.

Where to buy the toys your dog needs

You might think that the best place to buy toys for your dog is your local pet store. The problem is that most of these stores don’t have this type of toy per se, but a sort of snack that your dog can chew on for a pleasant taste. If you look for dog toys using a search engine, you are more likely to find a variety of choices. There are online stores that explain how to use the toys and the advantages of using them. Pet companies design some toys for your dog to fetch its treat while helping your dog increase its cognitive abilities.

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