The City Will Observer a Fashion Week With an Intention, It’s Different This Year

“This is a fashion week with a reason” as proclaimed by Mr. Yudhajit Dutta, coordinator of the fashion party called Kolkata fashion and way of life week (KFLW). This year the occasion will have an alternate story to tell. The most happening fashion and way of life week this year has concocted a one of a kind topic and a reason. Genuinely the Kolkata fashion and way of life week has been dependable both as a stage for Indian fashion patterns to extend Kolkata as the following fashion capital of India and as an association for spreading eco-cognizance among individuals.

Eco fashion subject of Kolkata fashion and way of life week
The year 2010 has been perceived as the UN year of biodiversity. The world is confronting an earnest desire to save biodiversity and to safeguard our environment from obliteration. Kolkata fashion and way of life week hence, has chosen to rethink fashion with adapted attire in regular filaments like jute, cotton, silk and bamboo. With normal textures and colors to set the slope ablaze with its magnificence and innovation, it is conjectured that this fashion and way of life week will effectively set eco-fashion patterns for the future India. The Kolkata fashion week recognize the weavers and winds of Bengal and commends the conventional textures worn here. Partaking architects at Kolkata fashion and way of life week are supposed to make wonders out of normal textures, filaments and colors.

This year KFLW will open with the lines of Narendra Kumar made only for the fashion week. The week will grandstand JJ Valaya assortment at the finale. Unmistakable fashion planner’s eco-manifestations including JJ Valaya, Rough S., Neeta Lulla, Satya Paul, Anita Dongre, Dev r Nothing, Rina Dhaka, Abhishek Dutta will enhance the incline of Kolkata fashion occasion this year. Kolkata fashion show respect to the doyens of both Kolkata and public originators alongside advancing fashion industry as an imaginative material for both maturing planners and laid out creators. KFLW likewise advances an interesting idea of involving this occasion as the stage to raise cognizance through fashion.

Surprisingly, in the year 2009, the Kolkata fashion and way of life sent off their fashion assortment with the topic of “earth couture”. The year saw superb fine art on garments with normal textures by a portion of the prestigious originators of India. This year again this fashion and way of life week is playing with the topic of “eco-fashion”. This is an inventive way for raising eco-cognizance for the fashion universe of Kolkata. Eminently, the prior meetings of KFLW has not been that tremendous a triumph. Thusly, the coordinators this time are keeping no stone unturned for slip in missteps or disappointments. The stage during the current year’s fashion and way of life week subsequently appears to be prepared to invite a reviving change in the customary fashion of Bengal with normal filaments and colors.

The fashionable populace of Kolkata is hoping to see a mixture of various Indian styles and customs made out of normal strands of Bengal. It is inevitable before a recent fad is set in Indian fashion. With the sweltering summers drawing nearer, eco-fashion is an adequate subject. Consequently I trust that individuals will invite this new subject with all open heart and we will observer an extraordinary show this year.

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